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UAE The Seven Emirates Dream

Tour Details:

  • Start/Finsih: Dubai
  • Nearest Airport: Dubai Airport
  • Duration:  5 days
  • Route: Total distance: 800 km – 497miles
  • Daily Distances: 160 km – 100 miles
  • Accommodations: From 3 to 5 stars Hotels. (Hotel type if fully up to the client)


Day 1: Guided riding day (with many activities as options)

Day 2: Dubai to Fujairah (Jabal Jais) 320km

Day 3: Fujairah to Al Ain 230km

Day 4: Al Ain to Abu Dhabi 150km

Day 5: Abu Dhabi to Dubai 160km


What’s included:

  • 2 hotel nights + breakfast
  • Soft drinks
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Road map
  • Tour guide on motorcycle
  • Exclusive tour t-shirt and patch
  • Support vehicle and driver is provided, able to carry two luggage per person. It also includes a closed trailer with a spare motorcycle in case of breakdown. (optional)


 This Tour is available between end of September until April